Tier CLI v0.5.2

We just released v0.5.2, with some exciting new enhancements and features.

  • Switch preallocations: The tier switch -c command now preallocates switch accounts which means after the first switch account is created, subsequent uses of tier switch -c should be noticeably faster, like, complete in 10us fast! This is because it can now avoid waiting on slow API calls to Stripe.

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 9.22.50 PM.png

  • Plan immutability: Plans are now 100% immutable, as was originally planned. To upgrade all existing Tier plans to be 100% immutable, please run tier pull | tier push - 2 times; The second should produce output saying [plan already exists], which is your confirmation the migration was successful.

  • Deep links: Push now outputs deep links to the corresponding prices in Stripe.

  • Clean command: We added the tier clean -switchaccounts command. As you might guess, it cleans up accounts in Test Mode that were created by the switch command. The full command takes a duration of time for specifying the maximum age to use when considering an account for removal. Please see tier clean -h for more information.

Please head over to https://tier.run/releases to check out more changes and install options. As always, brew upgrade tierrun/tap/tier works too!