Tier v0.9

We're excited to announce the release Tier 0.9.0, which brings several new features and improvements to our API.

New Features

Listing Payment Methods

The new, experimental, /v1/payment_methods?org=org:acme API returns all payment methods associated with an org. It can be used with the latest addition to the /v1/subscribe endpoint to associate a payment method with an orgs subscription managed by Tier.

Subscription Payment Methods

Clients may now specify a payment method other than a customer's default payment method for the Tier managed subscription using the /v1/subscribe endpoint.

Use subscription-specific payment methods to avoid conflicts with other subscriptions that may have already or may later exist in your Stripe account that Tier does not manage.

Require Billing Address with Checkout

Users may now require a billing address when using Checkout. The Go SDK has been updated with a new RequireBillingAddress option on Checkout, and the CLI now accepts --require_billing_address as a flag to the subscribe sub command.

Bug Fixes

Tier 0.9.0 also includes some bug fixes, the most notable is a fix for canceling subscriptions without active schedules. Canceling a subscription no longer requires the subscription to have an active schedule.

We hope that these changes improve your experience with our product. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

The v0.9.0 release is here: https://tier.run/releases.

As always, please let us know if anything doesn’t work as expected by filing issues at https://tier.run/issues/new.